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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are still denied equality in the workplace - too often we face discrimination and harassment instead of a fair deal. Joining UNISON gives you a voice in Britain's biggest public services union which is committed to working for LGBT rights.

Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people in UNISON organise locally and nationally to support each other, to identify discrimination, to increase awareness of LGBT rights and to campaign for change. 

The UNISON group voted for change in 2005 to become an LGBT group and we are working to build bisexual and transgender members and issues into the core of our group. Together we can speak up for our rights at work and improve each others lives.

Scottish Black Members Committee (SBMC) actively shares promotion of trade union activities within UNISON. We have two main objectives:

  • To raise a positive profile of the committee within UNISON.
  • To increase participation of black members in UNISON's work in Scotland.

SBMC implements these two objectives via ongoing activity. all those who contribute to the implementation process are volunteers, who allocate a considerable amount of time and energies to tackling issues affecting black members in Scotland.

Like any organisation we thrive on support and fresh ideas of our new members. Why not join us now to support our cause?

The Scottish Disabled Members Committee (SDMC) is a self organised group consisting entirely of disabled members who campaign on behalf of our disabled members to ensure that disability issues are given a voice within UNISON.

For more information and advice on disabled issues and for access to details of support services, click the link above.

This will give clear advice on disability, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, and issues around work.

The SDMC are represented on all of the various Scottish and national committees to ensure your voice is heard.

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If you are a UNISON member and under 27 years of age you are automatically entitled to participate as a young member. Why not get involved and help us campaign for the issues affecting young workers.


The Scottish Young Members Committee is currently working on the re-launch of their quarterly newsletter which will be available soon.

As part of our re-launch we have decided to try get our Young Members within Scotland involved. We run a variety of events and competitions. 

Young member's can attend conferences and we actively encourage members to do so.

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Women form the majority of UNISON members in Scotland. UNISON structures like ‘proportionality’ attempt to make sure that the women are represented at all levels in the union, at least at a level that reflects their proportion of the membership. If the membership is 65% women, then the leadership should be at least 65% women.

Women’s Organisation in UNISON Scotland addresses the discrimination women face and provides a forum and structures to promote issues that particularly affect women in the workplace and in society in general.

Family care, low pay and domestic violence are just some examples of our campaigns.