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Here are the latest NHSGGC Updates on the current outbreak
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Core brief on updated FAQs and pregnant workers 29th April
Core brief on minutes silence 27th April

Core brief message from Jane Grant 27th April

Core brief on use of visors 24th April
Core brief 23rd April
Core brief on testing of staff 22nd April
Core brief on Louisa Jordan Hospital 20th April

Core brief on reassignment of staff 20th April

Updated information on cleaning of goggles etc

Core bief 17th April, keep covid-19 out of your home

Core Brief 16th April, Nursing message
Core Brief 15th April on testing
Core Brief 7th April re Easter Holidays
Second Core brief re testing 6th April
Core brief 6th April

Core Brief on sessional use of PPE and more 3rd April

Core brief re testing 3rd April
Correct instructions on PPE to be used in different settings
Core Brief 2nd April

Letter from Cabinet Secretary 2nd March

Updated Risk Assessment for staff 1st April

Updated FAQs 1st April
Updated FAQs 31st March
Core brief 31st March
Updated Risk Assessment for staff 30th March

Updated FAQs 30th March

Core Brief 30th March no-2
Core Brief 30th March no-1

Second Core Brief 27th March

Frequently asked questions and answers 27th March
Core Brief 27th March
Core Brief 26th March
PPE Chart for correct use when dealing with patients

Core Brief 25th March

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